Is this Zen?

Lately I’ve been a bit caught up in other peoples business.   A friend of mine has been having some problems and I’ve been doing what I can to help, unfortunately this friend is the type of person that the more you try to help them more they will ask for.   It all came to a head this week; I went far out of my way to help them out with something that was very stressful to me (not to mention inconvenienced my son) and then later on that week was accused by them of having ulterior motives and basically bitching about them behind their back.

I’m very far from perfect and I’m not going to pretend I’ve never bitched about someone or done the wrong thing but in this circumstance I was in the right and was very offended to be occused of this.  At first I was seething and then I went to bed last night and halfway through the night I had a bit of an epiphany.

This is not my life.  My life is nice, it is drama free.   This is her life, all of this is wrapped up in her life and should not be my concern.

This is not my opinion, if someone else chooses to hold an opinion of me that I find offensive there is NOTHING that I can do about it.  Making any effort at all to change their minds will just leave me feeling bitter.

Other peoples, opinions, worries and reactions to me are not my problem, aslong as I behave in a way that fits my ethics then I have no reason to be bothered about what other people do because I have no control over them.

And most importantly: There is NOBODY in this world aside from my son that I cannot live without! All I can do is live my life in the way that is best for us and anyone who wants to join our world is welcome and anyone who wants to leave it will do so at any time.  I may miss them but I won’t be damaged and the gap will eventually be filled.


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