More and Less

Back in February something happened within me that made me take a deep look at my priotities and re-evaluate the people and activities I want in my life.

Things I want:

– Spending time with my son.

– Spending time with my friends and family, eating together, going on outings together.

– Reading, seeing movies, going to art exhibitions, going on hikes.  Activities that are memorable.

– To be kinder to the planet and teach this to my son, more natural foods, no meat, less plastic toys, clothes made with natural fibres, basically to be a bit more crunchy.

– Make the most of toddlerhood.  Flynn will only be this age once and I can’t go back and see the things I’ve missed so I really want to slow down and witness everything this stage has to offer.

– To get really serious about study.  I’m at uni and I need a degree to make a good life for myself and my son, anything that distracts me from this goal has to go.

– To get on top of my finances and start some serious savings.

Things I want less of:

– Negative people.

– Self obsessed people.

– Drunk people.

– Getting my son babysat more than what is absolutely necassary.

– Wasting money on going out or on clothes I can’t afford.

– Going out partying (this does not count birthdays of close friends or going to gigs for bands I love).

– Bitching, fighting, nastiness.  I am an adult and I do not need this.  For 5 years I lived in the city and because of the work I did nearly all my friends were in their 30’s.  Moving back to the mountains and reconnecting with people my own age i’m really noticing the difference in attitude.

Unfortunately my friends that I used to go out partying with are taking this as a personal affront.  I don’t in any way want to lose their friendships I just don’t want to be wasted for the friendships.  Sadly the majority of these people have shown no interest in doing things with me that don’t involve going out and losing brain cells so I guess it’s their choice if the friendship disappears.  The last few months have been very eye opening showing me the differenc between friends and drinking buddies.

Yesterday I posted on facebook bout a gig i’d be interested in going too and got a ridiculous amount of backlash from friends that have taken it personally that I will go to this gig in a pub but not to the million they have invited me to.  But basically back to the last post, breathe in, breathe out and ignore what you can’t control


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