Cream of Mushroom soup

Ignore my painfully 70's countertop, the joys of renting

This is one of Flynn’s (and mine) favourite meals and it’s so simple to make I thought I’d share the recipe.  I made it up as I went along but use pretty much the same things each time.


– 1 onion

– Many mushroom – 10 to 20 depending on taste, small

– Cream

– Natural yoghurt (can make do without this but it adds to the taste)

– 1 tin creamed corn

– 1 – 2 cups of black beans or similar

Dice the onion and pop it in a saucepan with a knob of butter, simmer until the onion starts to go see through and then pop in the diced mushrooms and cook for 5 minutes stirring continuously.  Add the cream and one tablespoon of yoghurt and stir through.  Then add the corn and beans and bring to a simmer.

Season to taste.

It’s so simple, healthy, and high in fibre.  And very warming in winter.  Enjoy!


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