Update on my (sort of) savings goals

As I posted here last week, I’m unable to concentrate on saving for my future until I can get my car fixed and get on top of my rent and bills.  Here is an update on where I stand today.

Rent – Paid off $200 now am $50 behind.

Car – Need a total of $2100 – Have $60 in savings, not much but it’s a start.

As far as bills go for the last few pays I have started paying a set amount off each bill fortnightly rather than waiting for the bill to come in and then pay.  This makes sure when the bills come in I am either in advance or only have a small amount to pay.  Currently:

– Electricity – $109.44 CREDIT 🙂

– Gas – $5.40 CREDIT 🙂

– Net – $2 CREDIT 🙂

– Mobile – $80.63 CREDIT 🙂

It feels great to know I won’t have any unexpected bills leaping up at me, well aside from the awful amount my car is costing me.


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