Suicide is not painless

My father died last week.  He went out drinking with his friends and then got up the next morning and went shopping for a bbq he had planned for the weekend, he came home put the shopping on the bench then lay down in front of the gas outlet with a bag over his head.   He left no note and no idea why he did it, and why he saw it as a priority to buy meat for a bbq he wasn’t going to host.

My family has been left reeling, not to mention he did it the day before my sister went into labour with my gorgeous new niece.  Living in a small community everyone obviously knew straight away and everyone seems shocked.  To be honest at this stage I’m more angry than upset.

Apparently something like 75% of suicides are men.  Assuming this is due to their inability to communicate problems or admit weakness and the social pressures placed on men to fit stereotypes what can be done about it.  How can we (by we I mainly mean parents of boys) raise our sons to avoid these issues, keep away the idea of how to be manly and how emotions make you weak.

And how do we tell the toddlers in the family why poppy isn’t at home anymore?


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