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If anyone needs flowers from a loving man to cheer them up…..


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Belated Halloween pics

Here is my little man being a tough and terrifying pirate (he kept roaring like a lion, I don’t think he knows what a pirate is)

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Summer Program

University has finished and I am on break until February.  I’ve decided to complete the 12 week program in The Artists Way.  This primarily consists of writing three pages of freeflow thoughts, known as a brain dump, every morning upon waking.  It is supposed to open you up creatively and help you move past your inner negative critic by writing out all the negative thoughts.

I’m hoping this will also help me to become a more disciplined blogger.  I’ve been writing out a plan of what my ideal life looks like and trying to work out how to get there.  I want to use this summer to become more organised and in control of my life, and therefore happier.  If I can get on top of my life while I’;m on holidays it will be easier to manage once I go back to uni and haveto deal with real life.

More details will come in my next post.

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