About me

My name is Bec and I’m a geek!  I am absolutely loving the current movement where everything nerdy is becoming cool, it’s a relief to see Harry Potter become as acceptable an interest as football.

I’m a Psychology student minoring in literature and writing and hope one day to work with children with behavioural problems and study the link between diet and behaviour.  If I never needed to work I would study literature and philosophy and be a lifelong student.

I am the single mum of a sweet, gentle toddler named Flynn.  He is my world at the moment and I take my job very seriously. That said I believe that happy parents = happy children and will not give up my own life and interests just because it’s expected of a mum.

You will also find posts about my personal finances on here as I’m on a long slow journey away from bankruptcy.  From 18 -20 I got myself in an insane amount of debt through stupid choices and when I found out I was pregnant I had no choice but to declare bankruptcy so that I could afford to take time out from work to be home with my son and study to give us a better future.  I’m now trying to get on top of my finances and start a decent savings fund, which is hard as I am on a very low income right now.


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