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No spring cleaning because it’s still acting like winter

it has been bucketing down all day yesterday, all of this morning and is apparently set to continue well into the middle of the week.

So I’ve done pretty much nothing for the house or for my uni work because I’ve been to busy playing playdough, drawing, playing cars and doing whatever I can to entertain my lovely toddler whilst trying not to resort to ABC for kids to do the babysitting.



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Spring Clean day 2 wrap up – 179/730

I managed to clear out 109 pieces of my clothing yesterday, it’s amazing some of the things I had kept.  I think I could do with going through my clothes again to get rid of some more but for two days of spring cleaning I’m feeling very proud of myself.

Getting the clutter out of my house is already helping me to feel less stressed and anxious and making it easier to clear up at the end of the day.  Today I am going to go through all of Flynn’s clothes and get rid of anything he has outgrown or doesn’t wear.

Wish me luck.

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Spring Clean – First update 70/730

I’m so glad spring is finally here.  This winter has been really hard for me, I have been sick constantly and I feel the cold a lot.  My house is old and creaky and is hard to heat so I’ve had unbelievably huge electricity bills and basically I’m just ready for some sun.

So today is the second day of spring and I’ve already started on the spring clean.  Yesterday I went through Flynn’s toys and culled anything in bad condition, too young for him or too similar to better toys we have.  I cleared 70 things to go to the charity shops and threw out so many papers and junk from my lounge room and the house feels better already.  Flynn’s toys are now better organised and easier for him to find and play with and he is happy too.

Today I’m going to go through out clothes and cull as much as I can as we both have far too much stuff.  I aim to remove 730 items from the house over he course of spring, that’s 2 items for every day of the year.  I think my house will be easier to manage and more attractive with so much less THINGS.  Out of the 730 I can only count things that are able to be passed onto a friend or to an op shop, anything that is genuinely rubbish isn’t included.

Amy at the finer things in life is holding a clutter challenge and I will link my decluttering efforts to her September update.  Feel free to pop over and join her, it’s amazing how much junk we all manage to collect.

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Suck It Up Saturday/Sunday

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Ok I know, I know that is a super lame title.  But I’m feeling pretty super lame and need to be feeling super motivated so sucking it up is the order of the day.  I’m one of those people who is amazingly good at writing goals, plans for how to reach these goals, budgets to support these plans.  Lists, Ideas, Step-by-step guides I am your woman!  But actually getting things done, well lets just say that’s not my forte’.

I, like many others, suffer from the great affliction known as procrastination.   My biggest mental excuse is that I feel like I can’t get something done if I don’t start from the right place.  Like people quitting smoking on the 1st day of January, I know that I’m being ridiculous and just putting off something I don’t feel like doing but I insist on my stupid rules anyway.  For instance I start every goal on a monday, I can’t study if my house is a mess, I can’t clean the house if the laundry isn’t finished first.  Stupid excuses that mean nothing but ensure I never get anything done.

Housework is my biggest failing, I’ve never gotten the hang of it, I tke the laundry off the line and leave it on a chair in my room for the next week using it as my wardrobe, I never do the dishes before bed, I mop the floors less often than I’d like to admit.  I live a bit of a bachelor lifestyle, which is not ok considering I’m a mum.  This is an area of myself I’m really committed to working on this year.  I have made a cleaning schedule which has what has to be done daily, weekly, monthly and each of the weekly tasks are assigned to a different day so really I should have no excuse.  Problem is, if the house isn’t super clean at the start of the week then I won’t do most of these daily tasks.

So accepting my failings and try to work with them rather than against them I’ve decided to be busy on the weekends getting everything up to scratch for the week ahead.  To be productive on a Monday I want to wake to a clean house, with all the laundry done and put away, ditto the dishes, all toys in their place and no clutter.  I want Flynn’s daycare lunch prepared, bag packed and an outfit picked out.  And importantly I want any backlog of uni work sorted out so I can spend Mondays concentrating on what is due and important.

To must do list before bed tomorrow night is:

– House totally cleaned and organised, all clutter gone.

– Obv prep for daycare.

– Complete a post for debate assessment.

– Update changes on Essay plan and atleast 400 words of Essay (note thanks to my fantastic skills of procrastination this essay is due midnight on Monday)

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