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Belated Halloween pics

Here is my little man being a tough and terrifying pirate (he kept roaring like a lion, I don’t think he knows what a pirate is)


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Summer Program

University has finished and I am on break until February.  I’ve decided to complete the 12 week program in The Artists Way.  This primarily consists of writing three pages of freeflow thoughts, known as a brain dump, every morning upon waking.  It is supposed to open you up creatively and help you move past your inner negative critic by writing out all the negative thoughts.

I’m hoping this will also help me to become a more disciplined blogger.  I’ve been writing out a plan of what my ideal life looks like and trying to work out how to get there.  I want to use this summer to become more organised and in control of my life, and therefore happier.  If I can get on top of my life while I’;m on holidays it will be easier to manage once I go back to uni and haveto deal with real life.

More details will come in my next post.

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… And then Spring became Winter….

Because nothing behaves the way it should up here, the day after the beautiful sunshine it snowed, crazy amount of snow.  And then the next day it was so nice and sunny I got burnt again.  Silly town:

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No spring cleaning because it’s still acting like winter

it has been bucketing down all day yesterday, all of this morning and is apparently set to continue well into the middle of the week.

So I’ve done pretty much nothing for the house or for my uni work because I’ve been to busy playing playdough, drawing, playing cars and doing whatever I can to entertain my lovely toddler whilst trying not to resort to ABC for kids to do the babysitting.


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Google Searches

Weird nearly everyday it seems someone is searching for ‘brunch at tiffanies’ or ‘blog bec flynn’.   wonder if it’s someone I know in real life cos I haven’t told anyone I have a blog.  I don;t update this regularly enough for anyone to want to google search it daily.

Say hi if it’s you

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Suicide is not painless

My father died last week.  He went out drinking with his friends and then got up the next morning and went shopping for a bbq he had planned for the weekend, he came home put the shopping on the bench then lay down in front of the gas outlet with a bag over his head.   He left no note and no idea why he did it, and why he saw it as a priority to buy meat for a bbq he wasn’t going to host.

My family has been left reeling, not to mention he did it the day before my sister went into labour with my gorgeous new niece.  Living in a small community everyone obviously knew straight away and everyone seems shocked.  To be honest at this stage I’m more angry than upset.

Apparently something like 75% of suicides are men.  Assuming this is due to their inability to communicate problems or admit weakness and the social pressures placed on men to fit stereotypes what can be done about it.  How can we (by we I mainly mean parents of boys) raise our sons to avoid these issues, keep away the idea of how to be manly and how emotions make you weak.

And how do we tell the toddlers in the family why poppy isn’t at home anymore?

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Back from Hiaitus

Flynn and I at lunch on Friday

I haven’t posted in such a long time and I’m kicking myself for it but life has taken over, as it does to us all.   My sweet easy going baby turned 2, and boy has he turned 2.  Our house is all tantrums all the time and I have absolutely no idea how to deal with it.  On top of that I have been so sick and in constant pain from my wisdom teeth (on public health waiting list to get them taken out 😦  ) so I have been doing as little as possible and sleeping every chance I get.  The oversleeping doesn’t help though, does it?  I’ve been having nightmares and fitful sleep all night every night and then feel like hell the next day and then cry at everything I see.  I cried watching an ad for Judge Judy last week.

But today is a new day, in fact today is a new month and what better time for a fresh start.  I’ve just started a new semester at uni and two of my subjects are writing subjects; so, I need to get more serious about my blog and hone up my writing skills.  First of the month so it’s time for:

August Goals:

  • Focus on getting the right amount of sleep and wake up at 6am to do Yoga and have some tea before Flynnie wakes up so I’m in a positive mindframe for him.
  • Work on our daily routine to keep Flynn busy, and knowing what to expect to try and minimise his tantrums.
  • Be more patient!!! I don’t know how to handle tantrums but I do know they aren’t going away so I can’t let them stress me out as bad as I have been.
  • Post a photo every day and at least 4 REAL blog posts a week.
  • Do loads of study for uni and make sure I feel confident in what is expected this semester.

(oh and a happy note for whilst I’ve been MIA – I met a boy.  It’s early days but he seems lovely and all is looking very promising, he has even been putting up with me being tired and sick all the time and still acts like he wants to spend time with me lol)

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