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Worst blogger of the world award goes to

May aswell just admit I’m shit at this.  Deadlines and consistency are not my thing, but man I can drink smoothies in the sun like noone else 😉

I used to be very active in online communities whether it be through blogs, forums or even just msn but since having my son and starting uni I just can’t keep up with anything consistently.   I thought about coming on here and just deleting the blog but I’ve decided to keep it to post my random rambling when I feel the need (read: when I have an assignment due and want to procrastinate by doing something else).  It’s better than doing 30 posts a day on facebook and annoying all my real life friends.

Right now I have 3 essays to finish by the end of the week, my mum is going into hospital on Thursday and it is my nieces birthday on Saturday, so really I have 3 to finish by tomorrow night and instead I am playing on facebook, overeating, doing laundry, typing on here, anything I can that doesn’t involve writing my essay.  Why do I do this, actually writing it won’t be very hard it’s just getting the enthusiasm to start typing.  I have these mental blocks where I decide something is to hard or ‘I JUST DON’T WANNA’ and I avoid it for as long as possible then when I finally do it I’m shocked by how easy it is.

So enough procrastinating, it is not 11.20am and I am picking Flynn up at 3, I will have atleast one essay finished by then!



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