No spring cleaning because it’s still acting like winter

it has been bucketing down all day yesterday, all of this morning and is apparently set to continue well into the middle of the week.

So I’ve done pretty much nothing for the house or for my uni work because I’ve been to busy playing playdough, drawing, playing cars and doing whatever I can to entertain my lovely toddler whilst trying not to resort to ABC for kids to do the babysitting.



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Spring Clean day 2 wrap up – 179/730

I managed to clear out 109 pieces of my clothing yesterday, it’s amazing some of the things I had kept.  I think I could do with going through my clothes again to get rid of some more but for two days of spring cleaning I’m feeling very proud of myself.

Getting the clutter out of my house is already helping me to feel less stressed and anxious and making it easier to clear up at the end of the day.  Today I am going to go through all of Flynn’s clothes and get rid of anything he has outgrown or doesn’t wear.

Wish me luck.

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Spring Clean – First update 70/730

I’m so glad spring is finally here.  This winter has been really hard for me, I have been sick constantly and I feel the cold a lot.  My house is old and creaky and is hard to heat so I’ve had unbelievably huge electricity bills and basically I’m just ready for some sun.

So today is the second day of spring and I’ve already started on the spring clean.  Yesterday I went through Flynn’s toys and culled anything in bad condition, too young for him or too similar to better toys we have.  I cleared 70 things to go to the charity shops and threw out so many papers and junk from my lounge room and the house feels better already.  Flynn’s toys are now better organised and easier for him to find and play with and he is happy too.

Today I’m going to go through out clothes and cull as much as I can as we both have far too much stuff.  I aim to remove 730 items from the house over he course of spring, that’s 2 items for every day of the year.  I think my house will be easier to manage and more attractive with so much less THINGS.  Out of the 730 I can only count things that are able to be passed onto a friend or to an op shop, anything that is genuinely rubbish isn’t included.

Amy at the finer things in life is holding a clutter challenge and I will link my decluttering efforts to her September update.  Feel free to pop over and join her, it’s amazing how much junk we all manage to collect.

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Menu Plan for the week

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a menu plan and it really shows me how much extra moneyI waste on groceries and how much worse our diet and scheduling is when I don’t plan ahead.

Wednesday: Spaghetti with Falafel balls.  (just like spaghetti with meatballs but use mini falafel prebought from the supermarket)

Thursday: Tofu, vegie and noodle stir fry with blackbean sauce.

Friday: Potato, sauerkraut and cheese casserole.

Saturday: Lentil winter stew.

Sunday: Brocolli and brown rice casserole.

Monday: We won’t be home due to my Dad’s funeral.

Tuesday: Lentil Shephards pie.

I’ll share the best recipes later on in the week.  Aside from tonights and tomorrows dinner these are all new recipes for me.


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Google Searches

Weird nearly everyday it seems someone is searching for ‘brunch at tiffanies’ or ‘blog bec flynn’.   wonder if it’s someone I know in real life cos I haven’t told anyone I have a blog.  I don;t update this regularly enough for anyone to want to google search it daily.

Say hi if it’s you

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Suicide is not painless

My father died last week.  He went out drinking with his friends and then got up the next morning and went shopping for a bbq he had planned for the weekend, he came home put the shopping on the bench then lay down in front of the gas outlet with a bag over his head.   He left no note and no idea why he did it, and why he saw it as a priority to buy meat for a bbq he wasn’t going to host.

My family has been left reeling, not to mention he did it the day before my sister went into labour with my gorgeous new niece.  Living in a small community everyone obviously knew straight away and everyone seems shocked.  To be honest at this stage I’m more angry than upset.

Apparently something like 75% of suicides are men.  Assuming this is due to their inability to communicate problems or admit weakness and the social pressures placed on men to fit stereotypes what can be done about it.  How can we (by we I mainly mean parents of boys) raise our sons to avoid these issues, keep away the idea of how to be manly and how emotions make you weak.

And how do we tell the toddlers in the family why poppy isn’t at home anymore?

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Fortnightly Budget

This is a snapshot of my current budget, most people don’t publish how much they earn on personal finance blogs but as I’ve already mentioned I recieve the single parents pension in Australia I figure there’s no harm in showing how much it is.   I’m currently carless until November so the petrol, car and insurance amounts will all go into my Christmas account so once I get my car back I can get all the repairs it needs done.  Also the Clothes and Presents allowance will go into savings if there is noones birthday I need to buy for in that fortnight, I have decided not to buy any new clothes for Flynn or myself until November.

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